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SKU: OPR150-05R

The 5V power supplies in the OPR Power Series are unique they can be used in positive 5 volt applications. These power supplies are designed for system solutions, where universal 90VAC to 264VAC is available and a positive 5V output is desired. The OPR Power Series model numbers that fall into this category are:

Power Supply Main Features:

  • Compact Rack Mount Size
  • Dimensions (1.75"H x 19"W x 12"D)
  • Universal AC (Alternate Current) Input
  • Filtered IEC AC Inlet Connectors
  • EMI FCC Class B Clearance
  • Single and Multiple Output
  • Highly Efficient Design
  • 1U Low Profile Height
  • NO Minimum Load Required
  • RS485/RS422 Remote Management
  • Low Voltage Power Supply Alarm
  • Data Line Alarm And ACO (Alarm Cut Off) System
  • Cost Effective and Reliable Power Supply

+5VDC Redundant Power Supply

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Power Supply General Specifications:

Input Voltage Universal 90VAC to 264VAC
Input Frequency 47Hz to 63Hz
Operational Temperature 0°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 85°C
Cooling Forced Air / Convection cooling
Overload Protection Auto-Recovery
Efficiency 80-90% Typical
DC OK TTL Logic or RS485/RS422 Interface or Status LEDs
Output DC Voltage +5V

Typical Internal Power Supply Brick Safety Specifications:

Designed in full compliance with UL60950
CSA 22.2 No. 234
EMI EN55022 "Class B"
EMS EN61000-4-2,-3,-4,-5,-6,-8,-11
Harmonics EN61000-3-2 Class D

Price: $975.00
Product Info.
Total Watt: 
Output DC Voltage: 
Load Amp. Typical: 
30A +30A